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MAPFRE AM named “Best pensions fund manager” by Expansión-AllFunds

May 25, 2023

Redacción Mapfre

Redacción Mapfre

MAPFRE AM, MAPFRE's asset management firm with almost 40 billion euros under management, has received the prestigious "Best Pension Fund Manager” in 2022 award from Expansión and All Funds at the 34th edition of the awards. In addition, based on its numbers, it also took home the award for "Conservative multi-asset pension plan" for the MAPFRE Renta PP fund, which was one of best performing funds in a very difficult year for fixed income.

“Downward market valuations of most financial assets negatively affected mutual fund assets, which was not sufficiently compensated for by net inflows. And pension funds were further aggravated by the reduction in contribution limits for Individual Plans, which weren’t offset by higher contributions to employment plans, which at the same time, they want to promote,” explained Álvaro Anguita, CEO of MAPFRE AM, who collected the award.

As well as pension plans, MAPFRE AM manages a variety of mutual funds, including equities, fixed, mixed, or alternative income, always operating with a focus on sustainable finance or environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. In 2022, MAPFRE AM was the leading non-bank fund manager in terms of earnings, as per data from the CNMV. "At MAPFRE, we can be very satisfied with our 2022 earnings, not just because of net subscriptions, which came to 400 million euros for mutual funds, canceling out the negative effect of the market, but also because of the magnificent result we got from pension funds, with positive net subscriptions of 120 million euros,” he added.

As indicated by Anguita, MAPFRE AM stands out from the rest of the sector on account of its co-investment strategy, whereby the interests of customers are aligned with MAPFRE’s interests, in the sense that it invests participants’ money where the Group invests its own capital. “Our main hallmark, which clearly sets us apart from the rest of the sector, is the alignment of interests that we offer our fund clients with respect to the investment strategy implemented for the investments corresponding to the balance sheets at MAPFRE group companies. Both in our own portfolios and in third-party portfolios, we maintain the same strategies that we transfer transversally to all types of portfolios that we manage,” he pointed out.

However, naturally, another hallmark is its commitment to ESG, both in funds and pension plans, with many funds classified as Article 8, pending elevation to the next classification, Article 9. Furthermore, MAPFRE has recently doubled down on its commitment in this area through the acquisition of a majority holding in the capital of La Financière Responsable (LFR), a French boutique specializing in this type of investment. “At the same time, and as a result of being part of the MAPFRE Group, Socially Responsible Investment is undoubtedly the other hallmark that characterizes us, although I wouldn’t classify it as a strategy per se, it’s more of an investment philosophy. We say it’s part of our DNA because we see social returns as being perfectly compatible with financial profitability,” he went on to add.

MAPFRE AM recognizes that, despite the complicated geopolitical situation causing significant volatility even in the most conservative products, "it’s always a good time to supplement public pensions." “Our recommendation is that the sooner you start, the better, so it’s always a good time to invest. Of course, current interest rate levels make investment more attractive when it comes to fixed income strategies. We’ve taken advantage of current circumstances to launch guaranteed pension funds, with a very attractive fixed return component combined with a complementary variable return linked to a stock market index," said Anguita, who in turn acknowledged that "at this time of volatility and changes in the direction of monetary policy, it's particularly important to be able to count on a team of professionals who can efficiently adapt investments to the ever-changing conditions of the market.”

With a qualified team of more than 150 professionals with extensive experience in more than 20 international markets, it’s possible to commit to life cycles, where in addition to the time horizon of the investment, we take the different risk profiles of coustomers into account. “We’ve already implemented these strategies in both mutual funds and pension funds with great success. This offers customers personalized professional management at no additional cost. Furthermore, in the coming years, we’ll see how socially responsible investment will become a standard feature of all asset classes,” concluded Anguita.

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