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Profitability and sustainability, our investment philosophy

May 14, 2021

Redacción Mapfre

Redacción Mapfre

MAPFRE reaffirms its commitment to sustainability through its investment policy. The Group is committed to developing a series of profitable products for clients that generate a positive impact on society. The ESG criteria are intended to contribute to a more just, safe and ethical world - one more example of #PlayingOurPart.

MAPFRE's commitment to sustainability through environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria looms large over all investment decisions. Dealing with these issues correctly, which can generate multiple positive long-term effects for society, means that the Group serves as an example for other companies.

MAPFRE is aware that investing on the basis of these criteria not only creates sustainable value in the medium- and long-term for the client, but also generates a positive impact on the environment and people around us. Socially responsible investment (SRI) is founded on criteria associated with reducing the effects of climate change, fostering equality and health, and promoting ethics and transparency.

The United Nations established some fundamental principles so that companies, banks and investment funds could contribute to the development of a more stable and sustainable financial system. Incorporating ESG issues and applying them to MAPFRE policy, implementing them in the investment sector or boosting efficiency through collective work are just some areas where the Responsible Investment Framework has been applied, through MAPFRE's Sustainability Committee.

These principles coexist with the responsibility undertaken by the company as manager of clients’ savings and investments, and they apply to all assets in which MAPFRE invests, both in terms of the company’s own balance sheet and funds belonging to clients, in that a feature of our investment products is that the Group is a co-investor, meaning that the interests of the client are completely aligned.

In addition to the aforementioned principles, MAPFRE has its own ESG analysis framework in place that is periodically reviewed to incorporate best practices in this area. This involves analyzing cases in which there is any discrepancy -such as investments in companies with low ESG adoption levels- and, failing that, applying exclusion causes associated with the violation of international regulations or human and labor rights or the undertaking of certain commercial activities. An example of this exclusion would be the decision not to invest in utility companies where more than 30 percent of revenues are derived from coal-based electricity generation.

Our SRI products

The ESG and SRI principles apply to fixed income, equities and real estate assets. MAPFRE currently has a series of products available that carry the RI (Responsible Investment) label, which are both financially profitable and produce a positive effect on society.

Among the products recently launched, the Capital Responsable investment fund stands out, in that this portfolio is dedicated exclusively to investing in stocks and fixed income securities of European companies that firmly comply with ESG issues.

For this and the rest of its funds, MAPFRE implements its own analysis methodology, which counts on the academic support of prestigious institutions. It also has a highly qualified Responsible Investment working group in place, as well as an Investment Risk Committee at MAPFRE AM, MAPFRE's investment management company, which analyzes the composition of the portfolios, their ESG assessment and the possible associated risks.

MAPFRE's aspires to contribute to building a better, fairer, more egalitarian, more prosperous and safer world. #PlayingOurPart, which is aimed squarely at people and based on concrete action, reminds us every day of the effort that corresponds to each and every one of us, and the thousands of gestures that add up to achieving the shared goal of protecting our planet and building a present and a future for the next generation.

Opportunities on the stock market for the second half of 2024

Opportunities on the stock market for the second half of 2024

The outlook for the stock markets is optimistic for the second half of the year, including the financial sector, which will continue to benefit from higher rates. However, opportunities for gains are now to be found in insurance companies and companies linked to the capital markets.

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