Teresa Sales, MAPFRE Asset Management advisor, wins ‘MasterChef of finance’

Nov 23, 2021

Redacción Mapfre

Redacción Mapfre

“It’s like the MasterChef of finance.” This is how Vicente Varó, director of content, communication and Community Management at Finect, describes the “Top Advisor” contest organized by this financial platform, which aims to connect savers with the best financial advisors. This year, in its fourth edition, the winners included a representative from MAPFRE Asset Management (MAPFRE Gestión Patrimonial, or MGP in Spanish). Specifically, Teresa Sales Villalonga, advisor at the MGP Barcelona office, took home the prize for advising one of the three investor profiles that were presented.

The three finalists defended their advising proposals before the jury for five minutes and answered the questions of the person whose profile they addressed. Teresa’s presentation was directed at Olga López, a university professor who longs to build her dream house for herself and her family. "My proposal consisted of clearly identifying Olga's needs and trying to propose products that would truly help her achieve her goals with the resources she had available," she says in an interview with Varó on the program “Tarde lo Que Tarde,” directed by Julia Varela on Radio Nacional de España. “You have to look at the profile carefully and make sure that she is willing to take on that risk,” she adds. Olga acknowledges that “MGP's proposal was the most attractive and understandable to me, because the language was very clear. Also, it was easy to follow visually, and I could clearly see the objectives I was pursuing and how to achieve them.”

The MGP expert recognizes that the biggest challenge when interacting with customers is getting them to place their trust in you. Otherwise “they are unable to convey what their objectives truly are to you.” In addition, she explains that it is necessary to provide continual follow-up "and maintain that relationship with the customer." She clarifies that "an advisor isn't only for people with the highest incomes, because everyone needs to plan for the future and decide what to do with their hard-earned savings." “So, my first piece of advice is to save and find an advisor who truly cares about helping you achieve your goals,” she concludes.

To view Teresa Sales’ full proposal for the saver, click this link (spanish version)

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