Two MAPFRE AM funds recognized with the Rating FundsPeople award

Jun 22, 2022

Redacción Mapfre

Redacción Mapfre

At a time of increasing asset diversification whose negative backdrop—brought on by the geopolitical crisis—is altering investment decisions, experts are faced with the arduous task of finding opportunities in assets that can adapt to the ups and downs of the market in a climate of uncertainty.

FundsPeople recognized the investment strategy of the Group’s asset manager by giving MAPFRE AM the Rating FundsPeople award for two of its funds (the Fondmapfre Elección Moderada and the Fondmapfre Elección Prudente), which have excelled in one of the three pillars considered essential by the outlet: “be voted as the favorite among analysts, be a blockbuster (net inflows to the fund), or, thirdly, be a consistent product (based on data from Morningstar).”

Miguel Rego, Global Head of Analysis of the financial publication, praised “the work of the MAPFRE AM team and all the resources it mobilizes for its investment strategies.”

According to the outlet, the Rating FundsPeople award process involves the entire asset management industry (national and international) and aims to filter, primarily, “the vast universe of products that investors have available to build their portfolios.”

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