5th edition of Iberian Value: new investment ideas with MAPFRE AM and Jonathan Boyar

Jun 10, 2021

Redacción Mapfre

Redacción Mapfre


New phases bring forth new ideas, and the world of investment is no different. Four years ago, MAPFRE Asset Management signed an agreement with Boyar Value Group to provide solutions and new investment propositions that went beyond the most traditional options available. The US Forgotten Value Fund, jointly created by both groups in 2019, shone a light on seeking out market opportunities by leveraging value.

Eduardo Ripollés, institutional business development manager at MAPFRE AM, and Jonathan Boyar, president of the American firm, participated in the V edition of Iberian Value to talk about some of the joint investments made through their fund. More specifically, Boyar made a presentation on a US-based company called Angi, which represents 2.1 percent of the portfolio of the “forgotten” securities fund. Despite not being “statistically cheap”, the company’s fundamentals make it “interesting as an investment in the long-term".



Angi is a technology-driven home improvements and remodeling service platform and has enjoyed several years of impressive growth. Eduardo Ripollés stated that “little by little, value companies such as this one are revealing themselves as solvent and profitable and with an inherent premium, even if that is not reflected in their share price.”

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