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MAPFRE AM and MGP's experts receive industry recognition

Jul 14, 2022

Redacción Mapfre

Redacción Mapfre

There is no doubting that we are currently facing the prospect of an economic slowdown, with some even refusing to rule out a possible recession. This has seen bearish sentiment on stock markets in recent weeks, which is making the life of asset management professionals even more difficult when it comes to protecting their portfolios and looking for opportunities.

Against this type of backdrop, receiving industry recognition is even more remarkable. That is what has happened to Ismael García Puente, investment manager and fund selector at MAPFRE Gestión Patrimonial, and Javier Miralles, manager at MAPFRE AM, who have received recognition from Fundspeople and Citywire, respectively, for their excellent performance in recent moths.

The expert from MGP, in this case, has been chosen as one of the best Spanish fund selectors in 2022 according to Fundspeople. The vote, in which 40 fund management firms took part, has demonstrated the capacity of selectors like Ismael García Puente to navigate a year marked by the war in Ukraine, record inflation and depressed markets since the onset of the pandemic.

In this regard, he made special mention of the fact that it was his peers who “had valued the work I have done since I joined MAPFRE Gestión Patrimonial”. “But nothing is impossible if you believe and work toward it, in addition to enjoying the support of an organization and team of people that believe in you”, he added.

The economic and financial publisher, Citywire, has also chosen the equity portfolio manager at MAPFRE AM as one of the best three-year national management firms, namely on account of its management of the fund, Fondmapfre Bolsa Iberia R FI, which has obtained a 3-year return of 4.8%.

To this end, Javier Miralles acknowledged the strong data obtained during such a complicated period: “Responsible capital management against a backdrop of such volatility is key to facing the future with a strong outlook”. He also took a moment to offer a reminder that even at the worst times “the best investment opportunities arise”. “Patience, responsibility and a long-term investment horizon” are the three keys, in his opinion, to correct capital management.

MAPFRE funds, with the best rating

These are also good times for the the fixed-income team at MAPFRE AM, led by David Iturralde. The Fondmapfre Renta Fija Flexible has received a five-star rating from Morningstar, making it MAPFRE’s first fund to receive such a rating.

This milestone was achieved just a few weeks after FundsPeople awarded its rating to Fondmapfre Elección Moderada and Fondmapfre Elección Prudente, thanks to the “dedication of the team at MAPFRE AM and all the resources it allocates to its investment strategies”, asserted Miguel Rego, Global Head of Analysis at the publisher.

Good prospects for the markets in the second half of the year

Good prospects for the markets in the second half of the year

The first half of 2024 was quite positive for equity markets, and forecasts for the next six months are equally bright. Which sectors have the most potential? What about fixed income? Alberto Matellán, chief economist at MAPFRE Inversión, goes into the details.

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